Flat Belt Conveyor FF30

Our Flat Belt Conveyor FF30 is especially designed to transport small and micro parts. The skeletal structure of the conveyor is made of aluminium profiles with height of 20 mm and different width. The flat belt is worn out through a plastic stick-slip profile.

Due to its small dimensions, the flat belt conveyor can be easily integrates in different machine. The motor is mounted below the conveyor. Motors with an operating voltage of 24 V DC, 230 V AC, as well as 400 V AV are available.


  • Aluminium conveyor frame
  • Aluminium mounting parts
  • Steel direction change rollers with a high quality bearing
  • Various speed and drives available
  • Flat belt with a different design and color (with semianechoic for image processing systems)
  • Deflection diameter 30 mm
Motor type Electrical data Belt speed Price
SEW gear motor 230 V, 1ph.,
120 W
400 V, 3ph.,
120 W
v = 1,6 … 60 m/min – Please, specify it in the order
(Others – upon request)
Ab 875,00 €
Panasonic gear motor 230 V, 1ph.,
40 W
v = 1,5 … 60 m/min – Please, specify it in the order
(Others – upon request)
from 935,00 €
Panasonic DC gear motor (v adjustable through an internal frequency inverter) 230 V, 1ph.,
50 W
v = 1 – 95 m/min adjustable
(Other – upon request)
from 1.260,00 €
Valeo gear motor 24 V DC, 100 W v = 33 m/min – Control speed,
including motor control module „Maxi“
(Others – upon request)
from 920,00 €

There are many options available, depending on the customers’ requirements.
Many types of the Flat Belt Conveyor can be delivered 24 hours after incoming order!
Other dimensions – upon request!