Box Handling Machine

The Box Handling Machine is an automatic machine for lifting and rearranging of boxes. Its is designed to take automatically boxes from one pallet and strore them on another able to take boxes from one pallet and store them on another empty pallet, where their content can be easily checked by operators. When ready, the push a button and the new row of boxes for content check is being transferred on the top of the already checked boxes. The process repeats again and again until all of the boxes stored on the first pallet are checked and transferred to the second one. Now the boxes are rearranged, and these that were positioned higher are at the lower level, and the opposite.

The Box Handling Machine is suitable for industries where lifting and rearranging of heavy and bulky boxes is necessary. The machine is easy to use and its functions, compact form and high-quality components, makes it a very good solution for any production area.


  • Palet dimensions: 1.200 mm x 800 mm x 144 mm (Euro pallet) (other dimensions – upon request)
  • Max. load capacity: 50 kg (single box)
  • Total load capacity: 750 kg
  • Operating height: 1.100 mm (other height – upon request)


  • Several functions combined in one machine
  • Automatic lifting and rearranging of heavy and bulky goods
  • Convenient for a content check of goods
  • Easy to use
  • Minimum space required
  • Compact form
  • Minimum risk of accidents and injuries

Price – from 25.000,00 €, without VAT!

Other options and dimensions – upon request!