Pallet Accumulator PM11

Automatic pallet accumulator for easy and safe collecting and handling of empty pallets. It has a compact form and you will definitely safe space in your production area with it. The pallet accumulator is an excellent solution for the Packaging and Manufacturing Industries, as well as any storage.

The pallet accumulator is easy to use. After choosing a mode “pallet input” or “pallet output”, the machine works automatically. It recognizes through integrated sensors if a pallet has been added or removed. Notice, that choosing a mode “pallet input” or “pallet output”, you can operate with one pallet, so just one pallet will be prepared to be removed and the opposite: one pallet can be added to the already stored pallets. With the help of a forklift truck, the pallet accumulator can be completely refilled or all of the pallets can be removed.

The motion is done electromechanical. The use of electromechanical modules instead of pneumatics and hydraulics is an advantage and has a positive effect to the maintenance and the lifetime of the machine, and the sustainability to the environment. The pallet accumulator is built of high-quality products, which guarantees a smooth and safe operation of the machine.


  • Pallet dimensions: 800 mm x 1.200 mm x 144 mm (euro pallet) (other dimensions – upon request)
  • Capacity: 15/24/30 pallets (others – upon request)
  • Electrical connection: 400 V / 50 Hz / 3Ph.
  • Space requirements: about 1.720 mm x 1.880 mm (width x length)


  • Suitable for stacking, storing and separating of empty pallets
  • Further version of our pallet accumulator PM10
  • Massive and robust cunstruction
  • Fully electromechanical drive – no hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Fully automatic motion
  • Separate motors for lift and reach motions
  • High-quality components, for example: an energy saving SEW gear motor, Siemens PLC and etc.
  • Pallet height of 135 mm – 175 mm adjustable

Special solutions for pallets with other dimensions, as well as trolleys or other goods are available upon request!