Cancelling & Franking Machine CMP

The Cancelling & Franking Machine CMP, prints automatically stamp cancellations and postal franks on the mail, so large numbers of envelopes are rapidly processed.

There is a choice between different printing layouts, for example: stamp cancellations or postal franks, customer logos, and etc. The printing layout can be changed easily through the operating software.

The machine can handle letters with thickness up to 50 mm and maximum weight of 5 kg.

The letters are fed manually into a channel and they are transported through a cancelling system, which includes an Inkjet Printing System EASY advanced, where stamps cancellations are added to the mail. After this process is completed the letters are collected in plastic postal boxes.

The position of the printing is adjustable anytime, so it is possible to meet any special requirements.


  • Throughput: Max. 7.200 letters (size C4) / hour (depending on the operator)
  • Mail Format: B4, Thickness up to 50 mm
  • Mail Weight: 5 kg (max.) Inkjet Printer EASY advanced
  • Printing Height: Up to 50 mm (the position of the printing is adjustable)
  • Machine dimensions: 3000 mm x 700 mm x 1700 mm (L x W x H)