Flat Cancelling & Franking Machine FCFM

The Flat Cancelling & Franking Machine prints automatically stamp cancellations and postal franks on the mail, so large numbers of envelopes are rapidly processed.

The machine is a special set of MMS modules and can handle mail with thickness up to 50 mm and weight up to 5 kg. It has an automatic feeder for letters with thickness up to 30 mm and a manual input for mail with thickness up to 50 mm. The throughput of the machine, operated by one person is 8.000 letters per hour, up to 12.000 per hour. A high resolution Inkjet Printing System EASY advanced prints stamp cancellations and postal franks. There is a choice between different printing layouts, for example: stamp cancellations, postal franks, advertisements, etc. The printing layout can be changed easily through the operation software.

After printing of stamp cancellations and postal franks, the different size letters are collected in several terminals.

Other functions can be added to the Flat Cancelling & Franking Machine, according to various needs of the customers.


  • Compact postal box changer
  • Camera system POSTMARK CHECKER


  • Throughput: Max. 12.000 letters / hour (size C4) (the throughput depends of the mail thickness)
  • Mail Format: B4, Thickness up to 50 mm
  • Mail Weight: 5 kg (max.)
  • Inkjet Printer EASY advanced