Modular Mail Sorter MMS

According to the various needs of our customers, we combine different modules to build different kind of machines which can, for example: sort the mail by format and/or by weight, add stamp cancellations with or without camera systems, read address, zip code, and many other functions. There are special modules for almost each mail format.

We also offer special software for our machines, which is easy to use and includes many special options and several interfaces.


  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Efficient Inkjet Printer – low maintenance costs (the regular maintenance can be done by the operators)
  • High-efficient camera systems e.g. “postmark checker” able to recognize 500 different stamps or other postmarks, for example: prepaid signs on letters (format C4) at a throughput of 12.000 letters / hour
  • All kinds of machines can be built, according to the customers’ needs
  • High return of invest, small payback period


    1. Automatic feeding module – Several feeders for a different mail format and speed are available.
    2. Manual feeding module for unsorted mail.
    3. Manual feeding module for mail with thickness up to 50 mm.
    4. Camera modules.
    5. Modules for reading:
      – Postmarks and prepaid signs
      – Barcode
      – Address
      – Zip code
      – 2D – codes
      – Special software available
    6. Printing modules for different printing (of stamp cancellations, postal franks, advertisements) according to the mail size and height.
    7. Turnout modules – dividing the mail to customers’ specifications.
    8. Turning module (horizontal or vertical) – turning the mail in different directions for special sorting functions
    9. Automatic stacker modules.
    10. Manual mail collector.
    11. Post box collector – the mail is automatically collected in post boxes.
    12. Sorting modules:
      – Format sorting modules
      – Thickness separation modules
      – Metal detector/scanning module
    13. Mail transporting modules


The Letter Facer Canceller faces and adds postmark cancellations to letters with format up to C5.

It consists of one automatic feeder, a separation module, two camera modules, a printer module, a horizontal turning module, a vertical turning module and two stacker modules.

The machine is fed by an automatic stacker. After the mail is separated, a camera module scans each letter for stamps or other postal marks. Then, the mail is turned automatically, so all postmarks are placed on the same side of the letter while transported through the channel. Before printing of stamp cancellations, another camera system scans the mail once again for a double check of the position of the postmarks. The machine is designed to read also address or zip code.

After printing, the mail is collected in several stackers. It can be sorted according to its format, zip code, address, etc. The stacking process is adjustable through the operating software.


The Format Separation with Flat Canceller sorts the mail by size and prints stamp cancellations on the letters.

First, the mail has to be pre-sorted manually on a belt conveyor and the nonmachinable mail has to be separated from the machinable. After that the letters can be fed into the machine and the machine is sorting them automatically, according to their format and thickness. Then the letters run through a mail cancelling system where a camera scans them and an inkjet printing system prints stamp cancellations on them. The mail is collected directly in plastic postal boxes.


See the description of the FCFM


The Letter Facer Machine C5 contains of C5 feeding module, a camera module, a horizontal turning module and a C5 standard stacker.

The combination of these modules faces the letters automatically. The letters coming up from the “Reject terminals” or not sorted letters are faced by the LETTER FACER in a way that the address and the stamps are placed on the same side of the letters while transported through the final terminal.

Afterwards, the mail is fed into the machine by an automatic feeder. An integrated camera system scans the letters and an integrated letter turning device turns them, if necessary. The mail is collected at the integrated stacker.

Other functions can be added to the printing device, for example: printing of stamp cancellations or any others, according to the customers’ needs.