Mail Sorting & Cancelling Machine MSCM

The Mail Sorting & Cancelling Machine automatically sorts mail, according to its format (size & thickness) and prints stamp cancellations.

Before running into the machine, the mail has to be pre-sorted manually on a belt conveyor which feeds the machine. The nonmachinable mail should not run into the machine and has to be separated from the machinable. As a not machine capable mail counts: broken and open letters, newspapers and magazines, as well as mail which can cause problems in the sorting process.

The machine includes a format separator which sorts automatically the mail by size. The small letters, equal to C5 (standard size), are separated from the big ones (generous size).

As a result, compact mail reaches the thickness separation and after the letters are sorted by thickness, the standard letters are transported to the final terminal by a belt conveyor. Alternatively our Standard Letters Channel (SLC) or our Facer Canceller (FC) can be attached here.

From the format separation area, the large-format letters, together with the compact letters, are transported to the pre-sorting area of the large letters channel. Here, the mail is inspected again by the operators, and the nonmachinable mail, if any, is sorted out. The machine capable mail is fed into the large letters channel manually where a high-tech camera system recognizes the previous stamps. The camera system can recognize a variety of more than 500 previously programmed stamps. After stamps are found an inkjet printing system prints stamp cancelations on the letters and they are directly collected in plastic postal boxes, according to their format.

The large letters channel can process letters with format up to B4 (250 mm x 353 mm) and thickness up to 12 mm.



  • Transfer rate: 40.000 to 50.000 letters / hour (depending on the mail mix)
  • Of these: 80 % small letters (C5 or smaller), 15 % large letters (larger than C5), 5% other mail


  • Mail Input and Pre-sorting
  • Format Separator Small / Large
  • Thickness Separator
  • Pre-sorting Large Letters
  • Large Letters Channel with integrated cancelling system
  • Large and Compact Letters Terminal